What Brings Us Together?
The diversity of meals around the world reflects the infinite number of customs and tastes that separate one culture from another. However, one universal aspect of eating that forms the basis of our humanity and gives us a clue about our common heritage, is the family meal – which is at the heart of WFP’s work.
Map Niger What does this boy in Niger share with…
Map Char these girls in Chad…
Ecuador Ecuador this girl in Ecuador…
Map Jordan these sisters in Jordan…
Map Myanmar …and this girl in Myanmar?
…A family meal every day, made possible thanks
to the generosity of European taxpayers.
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‘Maca’, spaghetti sprinkled with chili powder.
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‘Ech bbe mula kawal’, a traditional Chadian dish made from couscous and sorghum flour, served with gumbo sauce.
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‘Pollo Sudado’, a typical Colombian meal with chicken and rice, seasoned with achiote powder.
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‘Kubbeh’, Syrian dumplings with minced meat and pomegranate.
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‘Arr Luu Hnin', fried potatoes with garlic and tomato, spinach and boiled rice